Friday, May 22, 2009

Rob's South African Adventure - Day Nine. Thurs #2

Today was the first day hot enough to lie in the sun. However, after less than an hour, Michelle from Parker’s picked me up for an interview with DJ Fresh on Five – their radio, not our TV.

It was in a hotel that had been converted into the “Golf Hotel” for the launch of the new Golf … way to go with the timing of your new car there, VW.

It was really fun as it goes. We played a game called Couch Potato where I had to guess TV theme tunes before a listener. Party Of Five and Grey’s Anatomy. Even a competitive prick like me is glad he lost! Hope it sells us tickets, although God knows if anyone was listening.

The gig went well too. The two local acts, Martin Jonas and Vittorio both stormed it making it hard to follow them, but luckily I’d got drunk so didn’t care too much. I’m assuming I got away with it.

Last week I attempted to sell my CD for 70 Rand (just over a fiver). Joe told me I was selling myself (well my CD) short and to go for 100 Rand.
“If you’d like my CD, it’s just 100 Rand”
“It was 70 last week!” shouted a woman who’d liked me enough to come back, but not to buy one herself. Cheers!

After the gig I took my drunkenness to the next level with Tabitha (luckily she enjoyed the show) and Chris. Everyone keeps giving me shots (because they’re only about 80 pence). Tequila, Jagermeister, weird combinations of random sweet-tasting things. How can I refuse?
There’s also a lovely feeling of buying a big round and it only costing you a fiver … or one CD if I’d managed to sell any.

Tabitha asked me, “Which comic was it on Saturday with the cock-sucking girl?” The danger of writing stuff on the internet, eh. I don’t know his name, by the way.

These blogs are getting shorter. That’s either because less is happening or because I’m home now and didn’t jot everything down. Hmm.
Five's DJ Fresh!

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