Saturday, May 23, 2009

Rob's Brighton Adventure - 1

I don’t normally write about the funny things I ad-lib onstage because that’s very showy-offy and because I don’t do it very often. I somehow managed to make myself laugh last night, so thought I’d share.

At Krater Comedy in Brighton, there was a girl celebrating her 21st birthday, demanding attention.
“21 … that means you were born in 1988”
All the over thirties gave an "ooh" as they remembered 1988. The sort of "ooh" they'd associate with Typhoo. I too thought back to 1988
“That means you were born at the same time as Salt n’ Pepa’s ‘Push It’ was in the charts”

Anyone who knows me will tell you how my fucked-up brain works when it comes to music (Push It first charted at the start of June, 1988). Not only had I remembered a song from 1988, but one from the right part of the year. The first time I heard that song was when my brother started singing it to me after he’d heard it on the Chart Show. It was a Saturday, early June, 1988. Rather than revise for my sixth form exams, I was getting my new mini ready for its re-spray.

“Which is funnily enough what they were singing to your mum at the time”

Thank you and goodnight.


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